WiFi and Cellular Network Planning

iCom Technologies have been involved in the design and specification of WiFi networks since the beginning and we see in-building cellular as a rational extension to the trend towards ubiquitous coverage.

The complexities contingent with higher speed WiFi and its co-location with Cellular active DAS, inside the building, necessitate not only an in-depth knowledge of the technologies but also an investment in the electronics necessary to model, plan and map the coverage area on the ground. What was once a WiFi Heat Map now needs to encompass the cohabitation of cellular systems and IoT technologies across all frequencies.

Further to this relationships with the Telco providers, their partners and replete discussions with the end user are vital to ensuring systems are designed specific to the environment.

The expectations and needs of the client and their customers must be informed by the trajectory of the technology.

As a technology company with strong and long standing partners across the verticals iCom Technologies can ensure that your project is delivered from aspiration to realisation.