Emerging Technologies

We live in a time of disruptive technology. It is said that the jobs people will do in the next 20 years do not exist today. iCom are primarily a technologies company with a focus on assurance. We believe in proving leading edge rather than bleeding edge solutions, solutions that are built for the future and guarantee the present.

Our strength lies in our technical ability, our vision, our creativity; all coupled with sensible, invested and grounded wisdom. In the spirit of innovation we thrive on invention but we are always customer focused and nothing that has not been tried, tested and proven garners our support.

Innovations such as LiFi are gaining traction. The technology has been around for some time and in future RF saturated environments it is set to provide a viable, complimentary and in some cases a superior solution.

The IoT world is limited only by the imagination and as such we at iCom are invested in keeping pace with such innovations while at the same time researching and designing product solutions that will meet our client needs.

The secret to success never stands still.