Distributed Antenna Systems

In-building mobile telephony is de-rigueur for the modern worker, for the needs of an ever increasingly agile workforce who are accustomed to the freedom and functionality of their cellular technology. While fixed wiring is undoubtedly here to stay, more and more companies are availing of technologies such as high bandwidth intelligent WiFi systems to supplement their connectivity requirements and to adapt to the needs of a technology savvy workforce capable of gaining maximum efficiency from ubiquitous access.

Heretofore cellular coverage was measured geographically at the macro level to the stage where our expectations are high and as users we are intolerant of blind spots, loss of connectivity or indeed anything less that speedy internet access. This trend is only set to grow and 5G is being positioned to sate.

What we are now experiencing is the negative effect modern building design has on coverage and people are no longer happy to walk outside or stand on the desk like you did with the coat hanger when everything was in black and white.

Distributed Antenna Systems aren't new, what is useful is the ability to deploy this technology over structured cabling. DAS is now set to compliment Wifi in the enterprise. RF used to be a magical science with engineers in lab coats building filter circuits tweaked to channel and those on site installing bulky and more often sulky coaxial cable that worked as long as you didn't look at it sideways.

This has changed and iCom Technologies have the solution.