Our Partners

iCom Technologies partner with the best and most stable manufacturers across all our product ranges to ensure that the systems we provide not only meet or exceed all relevant standards but that the companies we deal with have a proven track record and the financial stability to support the lifetime of the product.

In the Structured Cabling field this means that not only can we provide the peace of mind full 25 Year Warranties, with the knowledge that our products have ample headroom to exceed all international standards, but just as important we have foreknowledge of developing, emerging and disruptive technological advances. This has allowed us to install fibre optic backbones in Data Centre environments that will provide a transport for 100Gbps and beyond.

In the Hardware LAN equipment arena we provide switching technologies to any and every degree of granularity, supporting current speeds and designed to seamlessly inter-operate with all new advances in terms of speed, improvements in latency, compliance with POE++, IoT, Wireless integration and routing/ firewall systems.

Our Wifi systems are designed to be locally managed or Cloud managed. All our systems are hot-staged, configured and tested prior to installation and again post installation. We can provide a monitoring system, full firewall protection and we can stock additional equipment designed to seamlessly and immediately integrate into your site specific configuration.

Our CCTV systems are best in class, designed to meet any requirement you might have in terms of video quality, recording and backup methodology. Our systems can work over traditional cabling and/or in the IP world and apps can be applied as required.

Our telephony products are both traditional and IP based allowing us to provision systems from leading manufacturers, that yield value for money and the highest levels of fire-walling and security.