Management Team

iCom Technologies' success is in its people. We believe this stems from the desire to do an honest days work, to keep the client at the center of all our activities and to never accept anything less than excellence. Our integrity and our pride conspire to guarantee our workmanship. We feel that these are a given and as such we focus our efforts in always been current, well versed in technology and self reflective.

Liam Malone - Founder

Liam is a qualified electrician with over 47 years experience in the industry. In 2000 Liam together with other leading professional in the telecommunications industry established iCom Technologies. Before forming iCom Liam worked for Nixdorf, BA Systems, ICL and was a founding member of Bridgecom Technologies. Liam is well known for his professionalism and integrity and he is very highly regarded by a dedicated workforce many of whom have worked with Liam for over 20 years. It is from Liam’s leadership and wisdom that we derive our continued success. Liam’s desire to extend his philosophy of hard work, intelligence, integrity and good humour has proliferated throughout all ranks of our company and we are all very proud to have such an inspiring and dedicated founder.

Paul Bramble, RCDD - Operations Director

Paul is a fully qualified electrician with over 30 years experience in the Voice and Data cabling industry.  Paul is a founder member of iCom and previously Paul was employed by Esat/BridgeCom as an Account Manager. Paul has received many accolades for his Project Management skills, attention to detail and customer focus. In technical terms Paul would be recognised as one of the foremost engineers in Ireland and his skills continue to be a source of inspiration to our staff and assurance for our clients.

John Montgomery - Sales Director

John is a fully qualified electrician with over 30 years experience in the Voice and Data cabling industry.  John is a founder member of iCom and was previously employed by Esat/BridgeCom. With his attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, John brings a wealth of experience to the role of Sales Director. Monty as we endearingly refer to him is a true technical sales expert. His desire to develop long term customer centric relationships and his personal integrity ensures that the solutions he outlines are always fully informed and in the best interests of our clients.

Karl Ennis - Strategic Account Manager

Karl has over 20 years experience with iCom Technologies and he has worked as site manager and lately as Strategic Account Manager on the Hewlett Packard site for over 16 years. His role in Hewlett Packard is to provide an onsite, always available project management function. Karl ensures that HP's infrastructure is optimized, that all their systems are kept current and that all their ICT needs are fulfilled on time, within budget and to uncompromising high standards.

Stephen Loughran - Projects Manager

Stephen is a founding member of the iCom team having started his career with Esat/Bridgecom. Stephen is not only a fully qualified Electrician he is also fully certified in all our product ranges including Systimax, Panduit and Brandrex. Stephen is an excellent Project manager with over 30 years experience and a reputation for attention to detail. Stephen takes great pride in his work and is always on hand to ensure that our projects are delivered to the highest quality, on time and within budget.

David Dempsey - Projects Manager

David is a fully qualified electrician whose skill set includes full training and certification for all our product offerings including Systimax, Krone, Amp, Brandrex, Panduit, Secure Power and Data Centre design. David is an excellent Project Manager with over 20 years experience and a reputation for attention to detail. David's skill lies in his ability to manage projects with great pride and attention to every detail to ensure that our clients needs are delivered to the highest quality, on time and within budget.

Shiela Ennis - Accounts and Finance

Shiela is an invaluable member of the team, ensuring that the company operates in a streamlined and efficient manner. Shiela's role is central to ensuring we continue to keep a keen eye on our finances and that all our finances are handled in a proficient and timely manner.

Mark Neville - Managing Director

Mark has worked in ICT for over 30 years. Mark worked in England when the first structured cabling systems where under development. He then moved on to work for Cara Computers and to run Nevcom, a network computing company based in Dublin. Mark has recently joined the business bringing to the fore experience in the Structured Cabling, Wifi, Networking, IoT, DAS, GPON and IP Telephony fields.