Before the Event©

Many years of experience working in every conceivable environment has taught us to respect the possible risks we face in carrying out our work. We believe it is not enough to simply adhere to regulations notwithstanding the policies we have in Ireland are excellent. We see safety awareness as cultural and we recognise the importance of taking the lead in this philosophy with a top down approach.

As such iCom Technologies' launch of Before the Event© emphasises our commitment to Health and Safety by promoting a policy that goes beyond regulatory requirements to becoming a philosophy that guides all our employees both in the work space and in life in general.

We encourage our staff to think before the event and as such we are desirous that our people are not only fully complaint with our legislative responsibilities but that we see the welfare and safety of ourselves and others as a duty.

Ultimately it is in preempting an event, foreseeing the danger that we can avoid it.